The Best Local Movers in Los Angeles
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Extra heavy items

On average if:

  • 300 lbs +$150
  • 500 lbs +$200
List updated in June 2024


Is Organizing the Move Myself Cheaper Than Hiring Movers?

Despite any doubts you may have, a mover company does save you time and headache, as well as eliminate many difficulties. Besides, most Los Angeles moving companies offer quite affordable prices. Therefore, a professional moving service, especially moving costs per hour, will not be as expensive as you might think.

How to Find the Best Price Offers from LA Movers?

To find the best cost for your move, explore online quotes from companies on our list. Find what kind of work their employees do and how they form their costs. If the volume of work is small, hourly movers will be cheaper, i.e. with an hourly rate.

What can Professional Movers in Los Angeles Transport?

Companies that provide moving services in Los Angeles can organize quality transportation of any items – furniture, equipment, etc.

Are There Specific Movers near LA for Short-Distance Moves?

Yes, the best moving companies can organize a move in Los Angeles regardless of the distance between locations. If you are moving within the city, a local mover who knows the area well can ensure quick and timely delivery of your belongings.

Can I Find Movers Near Me with a Truck Right Now in LA?

Yes, LA moving companies can arrange urgent delivery of your belongings, just contact the operator, and a nearby mover or mover companies will be ready to start work.

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