how to wrap furniture for a move

The moving process begins with packing belongings and wrapping furniture. This is important because it helps to keep safe all the stuff during transportation. The local moving companies near Los Angeles can provide you with a service of furniture wrapping for moving. But if you decide to move on your own, how to wrap furniture for a move can become a huge challenge if you don’t know how to wrap it properly.

What issues can happen with uncovered furniture when moving:

  • Hit a wall or a doorway while being taken out of the house;
  • Touching the walls of the truck during driving;
  • Contact with other belongings during transportation;
  • Dust, dirt.

To wrap furniture for moving, you will need the following materials:

  • Moving blankets to cover surface;
  • Moving tape to secure blankets;
  • Cardboard to protect glass sides;
  • Shrink wrap for furniture move to avoid dust and dirt.

It is necessary to determine which pieces of furniture you will need to disassemble before wrapping.

There are two criteria for it:

  • Difficulties with carrying out (beds, sofas, tables, etc.);
  • Risk of damage in case of lifting (China cabinets, recks).

How to wrap furniture for a move by type of items

How to wrap a dresser, nightstands, chests and stands:

  1. Make it empty, pack all the contents in boxes;
  2. Take out all the shelves that are not fixed;
  3. Cover with a blanket. You need to cover the top, front, left and right sides. Put the upper edge of the blanket on top of the furniture item so it falls on the back wall for a few inches. Wrap the sides of the blanket around the dresser, closing the side walls and going behind the back wall for a few inches. Secure the blanket in this position with a tape around the circumference of the object making at least three tight turns. Put the piece of furniture on its side and make three tight turns to secure the blanket vertically.
  4. Cover with cardboard if there are glass doors. Attach the cardboard to the entire area of the glass surface and secure it with tape by several turns around the circumference.

Wrapping furniture for moving how to wrap furniture for a move

If the size of the furniture is not allowed to cover all sides, it is necessary to use two blankets, covering the left and right part of the furniture alternately and secure them with tape.

How to wrap a bed for moving:

  1. Pack a mattress and box spring in a mattress bag separately;
  2. Disconnect the headboard, footboard, and sideboards. Usually, they are fastened on hooks (you need to lift and pull the sideboard out of the slots), or on bolts (you need to unscrew the bolts and do not forget to keep them for subsequent assembly);
  3. Spread the blanket on the floor and put the side boards diagonally, wrap and pull together with several turns of the moving tape around the circumference;
  4. Wrap a blanket around each of the legs of the headboard and footboard and stretch the blanket to the center as much as possible. Secure with several tight turns of the tape horizontally and vertically.

Disconnected the headboard, footboard, and sideboards of a bedMattress and spring box packed in mattress bag

How to wrap a sofa to move:

  1. Disconnect the parts of the sofa (if it consists of several parts). Each part of the furniture is wrapping separately.
  2. Unscrew the legs;
  3. Place the blanket so that it covers the front of the sofa. If you plan to transport the sofa vertically, make sure that the blanket completely covers the side part on which the sofa will stand;
  4. Secure the blanket with a tape by making several turns in a circle;
  5. Cover the sofa in a shrink wrap. Turn the sofa on its sides and wrap it until the entire sofa is covered with a shrink. This will help secure the blankets and protect the sofa from dirt and dust during transportation.

Wrapped sofa for moving

How to wrap a dining table:

  1. Spread the blanket on the floor;
  2. Flip the table upside down and put it on the blanket;
  3. Unscrew the legs;
  4. Wrap the top of the table in a blanket and secure it with several tight turns of tape diagonally;
  5. Wrap the legs of the table in a blanket and secure with several tight turns of tape in a circle.

Wrapping dining table for moving

You can disassemble a dining table in cases there are difficulties with carrying out the table from a house or when it is necessary to reduce the volume of cargo in a truck.

So, the main thing you should do when wrapping furniture for moving is to cover in blankets all corners and minimum three sides of each furniture piece. It will help to avoid scratches and damage of the furniture, walls, and floor.