Local Office & Commercial Movers in Culver City
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Extra heavy items

On average if:

  • 300 lbs +$150
  • 500 lbs +$200
List updated in February 2024


What services do commercial moving companies provide?

Commercial moving companies offer a comprehensive range of services to facilitate the relocation of businesses, offices, and commercial establishments. They typically offer a range of services, including planning and organization of the entire relocation process, packing and unpacking of office items, disassembly and reassembly of office furniture, safe relocation of technology equipment, etc.

How can I find office moving companies in Culver City?

If you're seeking office moving companies in Culver City, you can simplify your search by exploring our list of reputable moving service providers. Our list is meticulously compiled based on factors such as customer reviews, industry reputation, services provided, and average price per hour.

If I need mover services or a team of movers, how can I choose the best company for commercial relocation?

Verify that the commercial mover company you consider is licensed and insured because insurance protects your business assets during the move. Also, don't forget to explore online reviews from their customers. Contact potential moving companies and request on-site estimates. Try to avoid companies that offer quotes without evaluating your premises.

How much does the local office move service cost within Culver City?

The cost of a local office move service within Culver City can vary based on several factors, and it's important to obtain quotes from specific moving companies to get accurate pricing for your unique situation. Factors such as the size of the office, including the number of rooms and workstations, as well as quantity and type of furniture, office equipment, distance to be covered, additional services required, and complexity of logistics can influence the total price of your move.

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